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Gabriel Rozzell is a Contemporary artist currently based in New York City, born, and raised in Portland Oregon in a strict catholic household. He is best known for his mixed media works that explore themes of identity, middle American culture, memory, and nostalgia.

Rozzell's artistic journey began at a young age, with a love for drawing and painting. As he grew older, he expanded his creative horizons, experimenting with different media and techniques. In 2021 He took a chance on himself and dropped out of PSU and moved to New York City to pursue his art career.

Rozzell's work is characterized by a unique blend of traditional and contemporary elements. He incorporates a wide range of materials and imagery into his pieces, including paint, collage, painted animation, and sculpting materials. His compositions often feature layers of images and textures, creating a sense of depth and complexity.

Rozzell's work has been exhibited in galleries in New York City, including The Cyrus Collective, LAAMS, and an upcoming show with IRL (May). He has also been featured in publications such as LVL3.

Gabriel Rozzell is a dynamic and versatile artist whose work explores a wide range of themes and media. His innovative approach Unique style and body of work will continue to carry him to new levels of success in the Arts.



Gabriel Rozzell 

Available Works (2020 - 2024)

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