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Tudor Radulescu

Tudor Radulescu (b. 2001, Bucharest, Romania) is a mixed media visual artist with a focus on painting. Currently based in London, United Kingdom, he finished his studies at the University of Brighton on the BA Fine Arts course in July 2023. He had previously earned his foundation degree at The Royal Academy Of Art, The Hague, Netherlands and completed his studies at the Fine Art High School "Nicolae Tonitza" in his hometown, Bucharest, Romania.

Tudor Radulescu creates paintings, sculptures, and installations depicting automobiles, jewelry, and luxury objects which fulfill human desire, comfort, or entertainment. Radulescu's artistic practice involves exploring the dynamic between the subject and the viewer. He starts with mundane and overlooked images to challenge the viewer's perspective and disrupt the passive consumption of images that has become prevalent in society. His intention is to encourage a more mindful and reflective approach to viewing and engaging with art. By investing time and care in the process of creating highly detailed figurative paintings, Radulescu aims to transform the dynamic between the subject and the viewer. This process invites the viewer to engage with the image in a deeper way and to reflect on something they might have disregarded in a different context.

Radulescu’s art practice is deeply rooted in a heavily industrialized world where technology is thriving and impacts on all areas of human activity. His paintings oscillate between abstraction and figuration as he combines highly representational images with close-up details of materials where the object remains elusive. Colour is an important element within the paintings but also it is used as an organizing tool when the paintings are presented as related series or as groups. Sculptures are often presented alongside painted images in the work, these to date have been created from parts of an object used as a subject in the paintings or 3D printed elements of cars. Radulescu’s work investigates the contrasting relationship between the everyday, the functional and the elevated, the sublime.

Ultimately, his work is a critique addressed to the superficial relationship with images that social media creates.

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