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Sunday School

Gabriel Rozzell Solo Exhibition 

February 2nd - 28th  

IRL Gallery,15 Monroe St, NYC



Join us Friday, February 2nd at 15 Monroe St, NYC for the opening of Gabriel Rozzell's, Sunday School, unveiling his latest body of work.


Telling the story of an adolescence delicately balanced between strict values and devious rebellion. These paintings capture the essence of growing up in an environment shaped by intense religious beliefs while engaging in activities that contrast these values-playing with weapons, building make-shift explosives, and indulging in youthful recklessness. Through this narrative, Rozzell explores the tension between order and chaos, peering into the complexities of navigating a childhood marked by conflicting powers.



Gabriel Rozzell is a Multidisciplinary Contemporary artist currently based in New York City, born, and raised in Portland, Oregon in a strict catholic household. He is best known for his mixed media works that explore themes of identity through coming of age, religion, middle American culture, memory, and nostalgia.

Rozzell's artistic journey began at a young age, with a love for drawing and painting. As he grew older, he expanded his creative horizons, experimenting with different media and techniques. In 2021 He took a chance on himself and dropped out of PSU and moved to New York City to pursue his art career. This is Rozzell's second solo exhibition with The Cyrus Collective and has previously shown work at/with: Ksubi Jeans Fashion Week Show, New York City September 2021. Exhibit A Group Show, New York City November 2021. My Pet Ram Gallery Group Show, New York City. Laams Gabriel Rozzell Solo Show, New York City May 2022. Van Der Plas "Rays Of Light" Group Show, New York City June 2022. IRL Gallery, "Fritto Misto" Group Show, New York City May 2023.


Gabriel's multidisciplinary practice includes paintings on canvas, as well as independent and collaborative clothing design projects. This encompasses the Stacy House “Gabe” Collection (Design/Creative Direction, 2020-2021), DertBag.US "Angel" Graphic (Design, 2021), “Between the Lines” Da$H Album (Creative Direction/Design/Video Production, 2021-2022), Billionaire Boys Club "Hidji" Collaboration Brain Graphic (Design, 2022), Tommy Hilfiger x Hypebeast store Display (Design, 2022), live airbrushing at Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Week Show (Design, 2022), hand-painted suits featured in Metro Boomin and Future’s “Superhero” music video (Design, 2022), and art and design work for Diesel Clothing (2022-2023).

Opening Friday, February 2nd 6-9PM
Join us at IRL Gallery. 15 Monroe St, NYC.

February 2nd - 28th


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