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Blue Light

Larissa Laban, Michael Gao and Tudor Radulescu 

November 3RD - 29TH  

260 Madison Ave, #846, NYC











The Cyrus Collective is pleased to announce an exhibition of works by artists Michael Gao, Larissa Labon, and Tudor Radulescu this November at 260 Madison Avenue. Blue Light marks the American debut of each artist—born in China, Brazil, and Romania, respectively. Though they represent different parts of the globe, this showcase of twelve paintings focuses on the connective abilities of the internet. As globalization continues to merge geographic gaps, lines can be drawn between the interests of artists across borders. Links are made between the artists in Blue Light as they respond to such ideas as luxury, desire, and their own relationships to their screens.  

Representations of scenes commonly found online are the focus of Tudor Radulescu’s work. Champagne bottles rest in glimmering ice buckets, matchas sit in the cup holders of a luxury car, cult figures like Nico are depicted in extreme close up. In the paintings of Michael Gao, colorful monotone palettes find more subversive subjects in wide-eyed “furries” and distorted political figures. Larissa Labon takes a more fantastical approach, as apparitions of two headed poodles and floating candlesticks see the more dissonant side of the contemporary landscape. 


A closing reception will take place @ 260 Madison Ave #8046 on November 29th from 5-9 pm.

Gallery hours, Tuesday-Saturday 12-6PM.







The Cyrus Collective is proud to present Travis Whitneck’s Just Swell, featuring twenty new works from 2023.


Whiteneck recounts a recent trip to Miami — a break from the unnerving scenes surrounding his Kensington, Philadelphia studio. As long days of painting here turn into late nights, Whiteneck is commonly on edge. Constantly looking over his shoulder, he feels an impending sense of doom while dodging some of the more unsavoury neighborhood characters. 


En route to this much-needed vacation, blasting Black Sabbath, and shaded from the spring sun by the Market-Frankford line, Whiteneck made eye contact with a lifeless blue body on the sidewalk.


Just Swell is a rendition of this blue figure, a recollection of the uncertain and the unplanned, even in the most serene of places — the beach. Whiteneck paints his compositions using phantasmagorical palettes and surreal notions of place. The tranquillity of the seaside is challenged by a rogue wave washing over the bodies on shore. The sunbather is at peace, but perpetually writhing.




In Travis Whiteneck's work, inspiration ignites his creative process well before the first brushstroke meets canvas. Relaying conversations and experiences, Travis weaves captivating narratives from his own life into his paintings. Travis retains his keen referential sensibilities by selecting subject matters that resonate with him deeply. He embraces an instinctive approach, layer by layer, as his art captures both a love of painting and the bittersweet release of letting go.


From a young age, Travis Whiteneck was destined to be an artist. Growing up as one of three brothers in rural New Jersey and Philadelphia, he frequently found himself at the kitchen table, surrounded by a colourful array of art supplies. It was his parents' clever strategy to channel their energetic trio's boundless enthusiasm into creativity. This early exposure to artistic expression sowed the seeds of a passion that would later bloom into a remarkable career.


After several years in the workforce, Travis pursued his dream, enrolling in the Hussian School of Art to obtain a degree in advertising. It was during this time that fate led him to an influential painting instructor who recognized Travis's undeniable potential. Encouraged by his mentor's whispered words of wisdom, "Do whatever it takes. Paint every day. You are a painter," Travis embarked on a journey of relentless dedication to his craft.


Since 2013, Travis Whiteneck's artistic endeavours have garnered well-deserved recognition. He has been sought after and included in numerous private collections internationally, and contributed to numerous group exhibitions within the U.S. Additionally, he has donated his art to charity auctions in New York City on two separate occasions.


Whiteneck’s artistic oeuvre shows a fusion of passion, freedom, and unwavering commitment. With each stroke, he paints not only images but emotions and stories that resonate with the soul of the viewer. His art stands as a testament to the power of following one's heart through the story of life and the magic that can be born from an unyielding love for painting. Travis Whiteneck's journey continues to evolve, captivating art enthusiasts and inspiring fellow artists to embrace their creative spirit with unbridled fervor. for all Inquires 

Gabriel Rozzell: Exciting Home Video

December 9th - 10th December 2022

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